Whether it is the desire for the taste of a fresh-picked ripe tomato, the need for a special bok-choi for stir-fry, or the goal of growing organic food - the number of people growing vegetables in their yards is increasing each year. Learn from UW-Extension how to grow more types of vegetables, use fewer pesticides, and have a bountiful harvest. Read our publications, fact sheets and attend educational programs. Contact your local county UW-Extension office for more information about community gardens and vegetable classes in your area.

Tomatoes are easy to grow in containers. Choose a large container (>12 inch), fill with a clean potting mix and plant a tomato seedling deep in the soil. Tomatoes can grow roots up their stems, so bury up to the top leaves. Place in a sunny location and keep moist. As the vine grows, provide a pole or trellis to give support. Harvest when ripe.

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With all the snow and cold outside, don't forget about your houseplants. Tips from the experts:
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